Adventures of Huck Finn The (1993) IMDB 5.90(4 682) Full Movie Download

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original title: Adventures of Huck Finn The
rating: 5.90(4 682)
The U.S.
drama, Comedy, adventure, family
Director: Stephen Sommers. starring: Elijah wood, Courtney B. Vance, Robbie Coltrane, Jason Robards, Ron Perlman, …
running time: , 108 min.
release date: 1993


The story of a true friendship between the Tomboy Huckleberry Finn and runaway slave. Fleeing from prosecution, this strange couple goes to unpredictable journey through the wild open spaces of the Mississippi. By the way the heroes expects so much incredible adventure and extraordinary meetings, that they would be enough for a few stories!

Review: Rating positive reviews: 50% (2) Lenah – 25.06.2011 It is recommended to fans of wood and the people, not spoilt reading Mark TWAIN.
Usual for modern America pathos-politically correct, pattern-Hollywood entertainment stuff. Here there are: action, beautiful scenery, nyashechka Frodo, that is, sorry, wood, gently chtyaschy the image of his dead mother and representing the poor lamb in the clutches of an evil monster-the-father (although the book Huck treated mother… read all the ‘Gnome Pasaran – 25.02.2010 The film, in which the little Elijah wood plays one of his best roles. The Director changed beyond recognition classic work of Mark TWAIN, but the film, perhaps, of the benefit. Even if here and there is some artificial moralism (especially it is shown in the runaway Negro slave Jim – a priori illiterate servant thinks too abstract)… read more\’
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